How do I add another controller to my account?

Add your controller

Before using your Rachio, you will need to Add a Controller to your account. This can be done in just a couple quick steps. 

    1. Access Controller List
      Click on the controller name at the top of the Home screen.


    2. Add a Controller
      Click the blue plus (+) icon, which will take you to the "Add Controller" screen. Home_Controllers.png

    3. Follow the instructions to add your controller's location. 
      You may use your current location, or manually enter the location of your controller. 

    4. Scan the barcode on the controller. 
      You can also add your device manually by entering in the serial number when prompted. 

    5. Follow the instructions to connect your controller to Wi-Fi. 
      Once your controller is activated, you can continue by setting up your zones, or select "Finish Later" to configure your zones at another time. 
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