How do I add another controller or multiple controllers to my account?

Add your controller

Before using your Rachio, you will need to Add a Controller to your account. This can be done in just a couple quick steps. 

Adding your first controller

If you're adding a controller to your account for the first time, login to the Rachio app and then follow the instructions to add the controller to your account. 

add Rachio controller to new account screen


Need instructions on installing your Rachio controller? Visit the quick start guides to get started!

Adding additional controllers to your account

Need to add another controller to your account? 

          1. Access Controller List
            From the Home screen, tap on the name of your current controller (in the upper left hand corner of the Home screen) to access a list of your controllers.

          2. Add a Controller
            From the list of controllers, tap the blue plus sign (in the bottom right corner of the screen) to add a new controller.  which will take you to the "Add Controller" screen. 

          3. Follow the instructions in the app

            Add controller

          4. Scan the barcode on the controller. 
            You can also add your device manually by entering in the serial number when prompted. 

          5. Follow the instructions to connect your controller to Wi-Fi. 
            Once your controller is activated, you can continue by setting up your zones, or select "Finish Later" to configure your zones at another time. 

Switching between controllers in the Rachio app

If you have multiple controllers on your account, you can flip back and forth between controllers to access controller settings, water usage data, and more. Want to switch to another controller view? 

      1. From the Rachio app's Home screen, tap the name of your active controller (or the arrow next to it).

      2. From the list of controllers on your account, select the controller you would like to switch to by tapping the name of the desired controller.

      3. Verify your active controller by confirming the controller name displayed in the top right hand corner of the Home screen.

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