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  • How do I update wifi on my controller? (Generation 2)

    New WiFi Network or Equipment? If your WiFi network credentials have changed (Name/SSID and/or password), we recommend you perform a WiFi Reset. A WiFi Reset will clear the controller's network se

  • Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting

    Please proceed with CAUTION Select users may experience issues with the following firewall and security settings. However, a simple 2.4 ghz guest network with default settings should allow for

  • Basic WiFi Troubleshooting

    NOTE: While offline for long periods, your controller will run the last saved schedule created in the Rachio app. Any updates/changes to these watering schedules will upload to the controller the

  • What if my controller goes offline?

    Rest Assured Most connectivity issues you might see are normal behavior; the Rachio controller's WiFi features hinge on the reliability of: your internet service provider (ISP) your

  • How do I install a Generation 1 (Gen 1) Rachio outdoors?

    Rachio controllers can be installed outdoors, inside a waterproof enclosure.  The Rachio Generation 1 controller is not waterproof. If your location calls for outdoor installation, we require the u

  • Green WiFi, solid (Gen1)

    Green, Solid = Installing Update

  • Red WiFi, quick flash (Gen1)

    Red, Quick Flash = BlinkUp Unsuccessful Stuck here? This is a general error message -- retry BlinkUp Tips & Tricks Here are few things to take a look at: Check that your Android or

  • Red WiFi, 1 long & 3 short (Gen1)

    Red, 1 Long & 3 Short = Joining WiFi Network Stuck here? This indicates difficulty joining your network. Tips & Tricks Here are few things to take a look at: Check that your network

  • Red WiFi, 1 long & 2 short (Gen1)

    Red, 1 Long & 2 Short = Searching for Wifi network Trouble locating the specified network. Tips & Tricks Here are few things to take a look at: Check that your Android or iOS device

  • Green WiFi, long blink (Gen1)

    Green, Long Blink = BlinkUp Succesful (newer firmware)

  • Green WiFi, quick flash (Gen1)

    Green, Quick Flash = BlinkUp Successful

  • Green WiFi, steady blink (Gen1)

    Green, Steady Blink = Connected to Server

  • Amber WiFi Light (Generation 1)

    Amber Light = No Wifi settings The Rachio Gen1 hasn't received a signal from your smartphone yet. Tips & Tricks Here are few things to take a look at: Make sure you're seeing a coun

  • Red WiFi Light (Generation 1)

    Red Light = Failed BlinkUp Color Codes >Quick Flash | BlinkUp Unsuccessful red off red off red off red

  • Green WiFi Light (Generation 1)

    Green Light = Standard Operation Color Codes >Quick Flash | BlinkUp Successful green off green off green off g

  • Updating Your WiFi Network (Generation 1)

    Summary If you change your ISP, or update your WiFi name/password you will need to update your WiFi network on your Rachio App. This way, your controller will remain connected to your internet. Thi

  • WiFi Setup Tips for iOS (Generation 2)

    Using an iOS Phone? Having trouble getting your Generation 2 Controller online? Siri can't help you, but we can! Try these tips: Turn off mobile data; if in doubt, turn on airplane mode and tur

  • WiFi Setup Tips for Android (Generation 2)

    Using an Android Phone? Having trouble getting your Generation 2 Controller online? Don't stress. Try these tips: If you’ve tried connecting your controller but it it failed to connect the firs

  • What is Wi-Fi Assist?

    iOS Wi-Fi Assist Wi-Fi Assist will automatically switch to cellular data when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. It was designed to enhance your mobile browsing experience. Why is this important t

  • Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting (Generation 2)

    Your Rachio Controller doesn't want to connect to WiFi? Lame, we know. Here are some tips to try if your Rachio controller doesn't want to connect to your WiFi network. Check the current status o

  • Is my WiFi Network Compatible?

    Will my WiFi network work with Rachio? There's an app for that! Rachio has teamed up with  RouteThis to offer secure, remote network troubleshooting. If you are experiencing problems with connectin

  • Blinkup tips for Android (Generation 1)

    Cannot Blinkup on Android? Since every Android device has a different refresh rate, luminance decay rate, etc... some devices drop frame irregularities, which can result in Blink-Up failure. This o

  • General FAQ

    How does the Rachio differ from the standard irrigation system controller? Unlike your typical irrigation system controllers, Rachio controllers do not rely on complex knobs or buttons.

  • Light Codes (Generation 1)

    Light Colors The following guide should help you identify the LED light codes your Gen1 controller will indicate, via its WiFi light. Please note The color of your WiFi light is likely to

  • Tech Specs (Generation 1)

    Smartphone/Tablet Rachio Mobile App works on Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile devices; the mobile app is required to connect the controller to WiFi. Minimum OS requirements are iOS 9.0+ or Andro

  • Blinkup tips for iOS (Generation 1)

    Cannot blinkup on iOS? Please try the steps provided below to complete the blinkup process. 1 Disable mobile data. If in doubt, put the phone into Airplane mode and enable WiFi.

  • Tech Specs (Generation 2)

    Smartphone/Tablet Rachio  Mobile App works on Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile devices; the mobile app is required to connect the controller to WiFi. Minimum OS requirements are iOS 9.0+ or Andr

  • Gen 2 Interactive Connection Help


  • Combo (R/A) WiFi Light (Gen1)

    Combo Light (Red/Amber) = Getting IP address Stuck here? This indicates a difficulty with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Tips & Tricks Ensure that DHCP is active on you

  • Combo (A/R) WiFi Light (Gen1)

    Combo Light (Amber/Red) = Resolving server name Stuck here? This indicates a difficulty with the Domain Name System (DNS). Tips & Tricks Check the DNS settings on your router. Some

  • Green WiFi, long/short (Gen1)

    Green, Long/Short = Downloading Update

  • Combo (A/o/R) WiFi Light (Gen1)

    Combo Light (Amber/off/Red) = Connecting to Server Stuck at Connecting to Server? This indicates difficulty with your firewall settings Tips & Tricks Check the firewall settings on your rou

  • Red&Amber WiFi Light (Generation 1)

    Red&Amber (Combo) Light = Blocked by Security Settings Color Codes >Red,Amber,Off | Getting IP address red    amber off red   

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  • What does Light Two mean? (Generation 2)

    Light Two = Connecting to Wi-Fi This light will begin blinking as the controller tries to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, the light will turn solid. Light

  • How do I activate my controller? (Generation 2)

    Controller activation steps & tips IN THIS ARTICLE WiFi Setup Video Step by Step Instructions WiFi Setup Tips WiFi Reset Steps WiFi Setup Video WiFi setup is easy! Conne

  • What is Smart Network Switch?

    Android Smart Network Switch Smart Network Switch is a feature on Android phones that allows your phone to automatically switch between WiFi and the mobile network. It was designed to enhance your

  • Can I control my Rachio controller from anywhere?

    Can I control my irrigation when I'm not on my WiFi network? Yes you can! Once your Rachio controller is connected to your home's WiFi network, you can control it from practically anywhere as long

  • What does Light Four mean? (Generation 2)

    Light Four = Controller Activated This light will begin blinking until you enter the controller's serial number. The light will turn solid once your controller is activated and ready to use!

  • What does Light One mean? (Generation 2)

    Light One = Booting Up A blinking light one means the device is booting up. It is NOT ready to connect to WiFi yet. Once the light turns solid you can add the controller to your account via the

  • What does Light Three mean? (Generation 2)

    Light Three (Connecting to the Rachio Cloud) This light will begin blinking as the controller attempts to connect to Rachio's servers. Once connected, it will turn solid. If it fails to connect, it

  • Not seeing your controller? (Generation 2)

    No Available Devices? No problem. Sometimes the controller likes to play hide and seek. Luckily, we know all it's hiding places! Follow the steps below to lure your controller out of hiding: V

  • Why does blinkup fail on iOS9? (Generation 1)

    iOS 9 introduced some awesome new features for performance and battery life. However, some of these features don't play well with the blinkup process. If you're having trouble connecting your Rachio c

  • How do I factory reset my controller?

    WARNING: THIS STEP CANNOT BE UNDONE. By performing a factory reset, you will delete all data from your controller; including  zone settings, schedules, water usage, watering history, etc.

  • Is my router supported?

    Rachio and Incompatible Hardware Although Rachio is compatible with most networking equipment, some network devices are incompatible. Usually when networking hardware does not work with Rachio, i

  • Basic Offline Troubleshooting

    Video Walkthrough   Connectivity FAQ Has your Rachio gone offline unexpectedly? Don't worry, most of time it will reconnect on its own. In the event

  • Light Codes (Generation 2)

    Light Codes The following guide should help you identify the LED light codes your controller will indicate during the WiFi setup process: Troubleshooting For step by step troubleshooting,

  • Need Your MAC Address?

    Assuming that you need it to get on your WiFi, shoot us an email at with your device Serial Number. This number can be found, as follows: Generation 1 on the back of the front

  • Quick Start Guide (Generation 1)

    Generation 1 Controller install steps & tips IN THIS ARTICLE Prepare Install Connect Configure Control Troubleshoot PDF of Quick Start Guide Prepare 1

  • Why won't one zone turn on?

    Are most of your zones working but not others? If you are seeing most of your zones working, but one or two, or more aren't working, here are a couple of things to take a look at. NOTE: the