How do I install a Generation 2 (Gen 2) Rachio outdoors?

Controllers can be mounted indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, they're usually hardwired and can be a bit tricky to change out. The Generation 2 Rachio Controller has a custom outdoor enclosure that makes it easy to swap out an existing controller and have a clean, elegant looking outdoor controller that can be locked up and hardwired.

Closed View
Open View (without controller mounted)

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Installation Guide (PDF)

Installation Steps:

Before installing this fixture or removing a previous fixture, disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breaker or by removing the fuse at the fuse box. IF YOU HAVE ANY ELECTRICAL QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. 

1) Install the enclosure

  • Take photos of your wiring and label any duplicate colors to avoid confusion
  • Remove the old enclosure and controller from the wall
  • If you have wiring conduit coming into the old enclosure, make sure to account for any fittings and/or space requirements that differ on the Rachio enclosure
    • If the conduit does not align, cut and re-route as needed
  • Conduit opening measurements
    • Hardwired power: 0-7/8 inch
    • Zone wiring: 1-1/8 inch (knockout enlarges to 1-3/8 inch)
  • Mount the Rachio enclosure to the wall
    • If mounting to drywall, use anchors

2) Hardwire Power

  • The controller will use the supplied power adaptor for both outlet and hardwire applications; connect the power using one of the two methods below:
    • Outdoor outlet: If your old controller had a power adapter and plugged into an outdoor rated & covered outlet, please use the same outlet with the Rachio's power adaptor.
      • Simply feed the power adaptor wiring through the bottom right hole of the enclosure and leave 6-9" of slack.
    • Power Adaptor doesn't fit in your outdoor rated & covered outlet?

        • Follow the steps listed in hardwiring (below), then plug the pigtail into your outlet!
      • Hardwired power: If your old controller did not have a plug, you'll need to hardwire the outlet inside the Rachio enclosure.
        • Unscrew the two screws on the lid of the Hardwiring Bay to access the enclosure wires of the outlet.
        • TURN OFF POWER to your hardwire power source. Clean and straighten the wires. Attach a strain relief bushing (not included) if you have slack in the wire -or- if you're installing a pigtail. Position the bushing about an inch below the beginning of the black insulation.

        • Feed the power supply wires through the bottom left hole of the enclosure.

        • Attach the wires using connector caps

        • Black (or red) supply wire to the black enclosure wire. This is your power supply wire, also known as "hot".
        • White supply wire to the white enclosure wire. This is typically the common/neutral wire.
        • If you have a ground wire (usually green), attach it to the enclosure ground wire
        • Wrap all wire connections with electrical tape for a secure connection.
        • Close Hardwiring Bay of the outdoor enclosure with the cover and two screws that came with the enclosure.

3) Mount the controller

  • Pull valve and sensor wires through the center opening on the controller's base. Mount the controller to the enclosure using the included bolts
    • Mounting holes: top center + two bottom (do not use the center middle)
    • DO NOT install the cover on the base of the controller after it's mounted in the enclosure.

Technical Drawings

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