Manually Run Zones and Schedules

Manually Run Zones

If you want to manually run a zone or combination of zones, use remote control. To access, find the blue "Remote" icon at the bottom of the screen on the Dashboard.

Remote Button

For instructions on how to use the remote, please refer to the Remote Control FAQ.

Manually Run Schedules

Please note, Flex Daily schedules cannot be run manually. 

If you want to manually run a saved schedule, access the schedule via the Edit Schedule menu in the Rachio app. To do so:

1) If using the mobile app, look for Edit Watering Schedule button in the Watering Schedule pane. If you are using the web app, skip to step 2.


2) Select the schedule you wish to run.


3) Tap on the blue "Run Schedule" button and the schedule will immediately begin running all its zones as programmed.

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