Manually Setup Rain Delay

If you would like to setup your own Manual Rain Delay, this can be done very easily from your Dashboard.

NOTE: Enabling a Manual Rain Delay will not stop any currently-running schedules; only future schedules will be prevented from running while the delay is active.
Additionally, the Manual Rain Delay will SKIP the watering schedule(s) while active and does not make it up after the rain delay expires.


How To: Set a Rain Delay


Main Dashboard

At the top of the Dashboard is the current status of your Rachio controller. From there you will see No Rain Delay. Simply click on this and a graphic will appear.

Dashboard No Delay.PNG 


Choose Length

Rain Delay Open.PNG

Choose the number or days that you want to set the delay for. 


Check Status

Once complete, the Rain Delay icon will be illuminated blue and will state the date & time that the delay is set to expire.

Rain Delay Set to 3 Days.PNG 

Additionally, on the watering schedule card there will be a gray raindrop on the calendar. This indicates any watering schedules that are going to be skipped based on this delay.

Dashboard -- Rain Delay .PNG

NOTE: Depending on your device and app version, it is possible that any same-day schedule(s) will still appear to be "cued up" (i.e. raindrop not grey under watering schedule)
  • Rest assured, your Manual Rain Delay will still work as designed. 


Check Device Updates

In the Activity Feed under Device Updates you will see a notification for this. Either a rain delay is active or rain delay is off. 

Activity Feed -- Device Updates Rain Delay.PNG

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