How do reports work?

How did you calculate my estimated gallons used/saved?

We estimate inches/hour based on the nozzle type, and assume a typical 1,000 sqft zone area. These are plugged into our formula to get gallons/min, and since we know how many minutes a given head has run for, we now have our estimated gallons.

Savings are calculated based on the gallons saved any time your device skips a schedule due to Weather intelligence on Fixed schedules. For more information, please see What is Weather Intelligence .
At this time, Flex schedules do not calculate any savings.


Can I see the data you've collected?

Yes. Click on the 'Download data as CSV' link to download your sprinkler's usage/savings data in a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Your experience may be different based on the web browser you use.
Below we have quick videos on how to download your water usages using Apple's Safari and Google Chrome. Please note, that in Safari, you will most likely need to add the .CSV extension to the end of the filename to make it readable, as seen in the video.





What is the 'Water Saved by the Rachio Community' data based off of?

This is the aggregate of all Weather Intelligence Savings across all Rachio controllers. It is an estimation in gallons, which is then converted to various metrics (glasses of water, swimming pools, etc.) to give a better perspective of just how much water has been saved. All metrics are rounded to the nearest whole number.


  • 1 gallon = 0.133681 Cubic Feet
  • 1 Olympic-size Swimming Pool = 660,000 gallons

How do my savings compare with those people without a Rachio smart controller?

We are in the process of creating a 'baseline' model to compare against. We will compare you to a model that is based off of the same climate region that you are in. This will give us and you deep insights into exactly how you compare to people without a Rachio, as well as comparing to people with similar climate attributes as you.

What is the future of the Analytics/Reports?

As stated above, we are in the process of creating a baseline to compare users against, as well as hoping to increase the accuracy of our data as much as we can. If you have some suggestions on these, or other features, please let us know on our community forums , we are constantly monitoring them and giving quick responses.

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