How to use Limited (formerly Landscaper) Access

Web App ONLY (not available in the Mobile App)

To use Limited (formerly Landscaper) Access follow the steps below:

Click on the profile icon in the upper right hand corner and select Access.
You'll be prompted to confirm you wish to share access. Select "Add Access" to continue.
Select Limited Access to provide remote control access of the controller; no access to zones, schedules or other settings will be accessible via the Limited Access option.
Enter the email address and desired expiration date of the limited access you'd like to share.
Your landscaper or gardener will get an email with a link they can follow to access your device.
After selecting "Access the Controller", the shared party will be redirected to this webpage. Note, the name of the controller will change. If they select the blue remote icon at the bottom of the screen, they can set times for the different zones to run as desired.
To revoke access before the set expiration date, click the "Remove" button next to the users name in the Access screen. Once the temporary access is removed or expires, the link in the email will show the login screen with a message indicating that the link is no longer valid.)
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