How do I select my preferred Weather Station?

Find the best weather data for your area


NOTE: If you do not select a "Preferred Weather Station", then the closest National Weather Station (NWS) will be used by default to provide weather data for your schedules.

Based on the geolocation of your home, the app (mobile or web) will provide a list of the closest official stations as well as personal weather stations (PWS).

How To: Find & Select Weather Stations 

When you open your app, select the More tab then choose Weather Intelligence

1) Viewing Stations
Simply click on "Weather Station" at the top of the Weather Intelligence screen.

The Weather Station menu will open and display available weather stations in your area will (listed based on distance from your home).

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2) Select a Weather Station

Each station ID will be indicated by four capitalized letters. In the example above we have selected station KBJC.

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3) Access Personal Weather Stations (optional)

To see personal weather stations in your area, you can toggle on "Use Personal Weather Station (PWS)". This will add PWS stations to the list of Weather Stations in your area. They can be identified by their prefix, which indicates where the weather data is being provided from; for example: "MID_" = & or "PWS_" =

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NOTE: If you select "More Info" for a station, you'll be redirected to weather reports for the station: (example shows KBKF, from above)

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What if I cannot see the map on the mobile app?

For a larger version of this you can utilize the web interface. The map is interactive so you can zoom in and out to get a feel for where every station is. You can also select the station that you want by clicking the map. Simply click on the station's marker and it will be highlighted.

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