What is the current status of my controller?

At the forefront of the Dashboard is the current status of the controller. We wanted to be sure that you had the ability to quickly view what state your Rachio was in, including any pertinent information.

This includes the following:

  • Online, Offline, and Standby Mode
  • If your Rachio is currently watering, or the last time it did run
  • Rain Delay

Online, Offline, and Standby Mode:

If you Rachio is online it will be denoted with a blue “Online” status.

Dashboard -- Device Online.PNG

If your Rachio is offline, it will be denoted with a red “Offline” status and a red power icon. If this is the case you may need to try some troubleshooting steps to get it back online.

Dashboard -- Device Offline.PNG

If your Rachio is in standby mode this will be denoted with a yellow “Standby Mode” status and a yellow power icon. Standby mode means that all scheduled watering times will be skipped until standby mode is turned off. Your zones can still be run manually.

Current Status -- Standby Mode.JPG

If your Rachio is currently watering: This will be denoted with a blue “Watering” status and a blue clock icon. If you want more specifics on the schedule that is running, you can click on the Activity Feed icon to view details and time remaining.

Dashboard -- Current Status.PNG

If your Rachio is in a Rain Delay state it will be indicated through our rain delay feature. If your Rachio is not in a delay, the status will be grayed out and state "No Rain Delay". If a rain delay is enabled, it will state when the delay will turn off automatically, as the screenshot below shows.

Current Status Rain Delay.JPG

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