Quick Start Guide (Generation 2)

Generation 2 Controller install steps & tips


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Hardware Install

Wi-Fi Setup


1) Run your sprinkler system

  • Find and repair any issues before installing the Rachio controller.

2) Take a few pictures

  • Photos of your current wiring are important for reference when you are wiring the Rachio.

3) Unplug & remove

  • Disconnect your old controller.

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WiFi credentials are required for this step

1) Download the Rachio app

2) Create Rachio account

3) Connect controller to WiFi via the app

Tips for Connecting:
  • Make sure that you are connected to the same network that your Rachio will be connected to before starting the pairing process
  • Make sure your cellular data is turned off, you can also try turning on airplane mode, then turn your wifi back on

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1) Attach to the wall

  • Use the four (4) mounting screws (provided).

2) Wire it up

  • Use the photo from your old timer for reference.
Required Wiring
  • Common Wires: Insert into either white terminal slot. If you have more than one common wire, we suggest entering one in each common slot (four options).
  • Zone Wires: Install in the green terminal slots.
  • Master/Pump Valve Wire ( if present ): Install in the "M" terminal slot, and enable in Advanced Settings within the app.


*Click for additional WIRING TIPS*


3) Plug it in

  • Light One should start blinking; once solid proceed to Connect Step.

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Rachio needs to know a little about your landscape in order to recommend accurate watering schedules

1) Set up your zones

  • You can configure each zone’s vegetation, soil, shade, nozzle, and slope types.

2) Create watering schedules

  • Choose from 4 schedule types; Rachio will recommend an optimal watering schedule based upon the the zone attributes selected.

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1) Run Zones

2) Run Schedules

3) Share Access with others

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1) Can't find your controller?

2) Master Valve

  • Do you have a master valve, but forgot to enable it? No sweat, it's an easy fix! Refer to Advanced Wiring for instructions.

3) Pump Valve

  • Your Rachio is designed to operate a pump start relay. Please reference Advanced Wiring AND the user manual for your pump start relay for wiring instructions.

4) Not Running

  • Assuming wiring is correct, double check to make sure that your sprinkler valves have 24VAC solenoids.

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Want a paper copy of the Quick Start Guide?

We know the graphics are sexy! Download & print a copy of the Quick Start Guide here: Rachio Controller, Generation 2
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