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Rachio and Incompatible Hardware

Although Rachio is compatible with most networking equipment, some network devices are incompatible.
Usually when networking hardware does not work with Rachio, it’s because it lacks support for the network protocols that Rachio uses to operate.

Rachio controllers support both dual band and single band routers; a steady 2.4 GHz connection on a secured (WPA/WPA2) network is required.

The equipment below is incompatible with Rachio. Be aware that the majority of this list is made up of older networking equipment, but may still exist as part of a home network. We try to keep this list up-to-date, but it is only indicative. If you have a question about your router or other network equipment, please see the WiFi Troubleshooting section at the end of this article.

Network hardware that may be incompatible without adjusting default settings:

  • Cisco RE1000 - Router Defaults to WEP encryption
  • D-LinkDIR-300 - Multiple setup attempts may be required by users.
  • MotorolaSBG6580 - Defaults to WEP encryption
  • Western Digital AC1300-J2F - Change Channel Width to 20Mhz
  • Netgear Nighthawk N7000 - Known issue when 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz share the same name
  • Linksys E4200 - Known issue when 2.54Ghz and 5Ghz share the same name 
  • EdgeMax routers - Router Defaults to WEP encryption
  • Netgear / WPN824V3 - Router Defaults to WEP encryption
  • Linksys / WRT54GS - Router Defaults to WEP encryption
  • Linksys / WRT54G - Router Defaults to WEP encryption 
To change your router settings, please reference . (routers are listed alphabetically).

WiFi Extenders FAQ

  • Extenders will work with the Rachio under some restrictions.
  • If the Rachio is in a central location that can connect to both the extender and the main access point, the Rachio may bounce between both access points.
  • If you see frequent disconnects you will want to make the SSIDs have different names and passwords

WiFi Channels

  • The Rachio only supports channels 1-11. In Europe, 2 additional channels (12 and 13 are available). If your router moves to one of those channels the network will likely become invisible to the Rachio and drop offline or be unable to connect.

WiFi Troubleshooting

To assist our team in better helping you with your Wi-Fi issue, we’d ask that you complete a Wi-Fi diagnostic before you contact our support team in help solve your issue quickly. To complete a WiFi diagnostic, please follow the steps in this support article .

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