How do I setup a PWS with my Rachio?

You can setup your Personal Weather Station (PWS) to integrate with your Rachio through MeteoBridge software. The core component of this solution is from MeteoBridge , which cost $75 dollars for the software that you flash onto a selected bridge. A DLINK DIR-505L wireless bridge from Amazon, which cost $25 dollars, can be used. Total investment between the two is $100.


Be sure to check on the Meteobridge website that your chosen weather station will work with their software and suggested bridges.

How To : Setup an Internet Bridge for your PWS

  1. Purchase & Install PWS
    Purchase one of the many Acurite 5-in-1 PWS with the Internet Bridge from Once installed, be sure it is updating to the Acurite cloud server via one of their Apps or Website.
  2. Purchase & Flash Wireless Bridge (DLINK)
    Next, purchase the DLINK DIR-505L and flash it with the newest firmware from Meteobridge. Instructions and firmware can be found on the Meteobridge Wiki .
  3. Try Firmware for 2 Weeks (FREE)
    The DIR-505L is a Meteobridge now. The firmware will work for 14 days without needing to buy a software license. We suggest purchasing the software as soon as possible to have the latest version of firmware.
  4. Setup Wi-Fi Network
    Next you will need to setup the Wi-Fi on the Meteobridge so that it is a client in "WLAN mode" on your Wi-Fi network. Check the box for "LAN Bridge," as seen here.
  5. Connect PWS to MeteoBridge (via ethernet)
    Once this is working, plug in the Acurite PWS internet-bridge Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the MeteoBridge. The MeteoBridge acts as a pass thru bridge, and the Acurite 5-in-1 PWS thinks it is just on your LAN. The Meteobridge "sniffs" the traffic from the Acurite bridge and this is how it is able to collect the weather information and send it to a weather network of your choice. During the setup you must select for this PWS the "Acurite Internet-bridge" from the "Select Station" menu referenced here .
  6. Create WeatherUnderground Station (optional)
    This step is optional. You don't need to properly name your PWS, but we would suggest that you create a Weather Underground PWS station. It is free, and quite easy. You can setup an ID and Password for your personal Weather Underground page. You can add a new PWS to Weather Underground. In the creation of the PWS profile you will receive a proper station ID. That ID and your password is used by the Meteobridge.
  7. Create PWSweather Account / Station (required)
    Now add the WeatherForYou/PWSweather network that will get the data to your Rachio device, link here. You will need to setup an account with an ID and Password. When the account is setup, you may setup your PWS with your profile. Use the Weather Underground station ID created in the previous step for easier reference. You will need your Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude at the location of your PWS. If you are not sure of your attitude Google Maps offers the data. Type in your address and on the pin of your home, right click and select what's here. Your lat/long will be supplied.
  8. Finalize Connection
    The final step is to connect the MeteoBridge page call Weather Networks to your new collection site(s). Add the Weather Underground network by setting the Upload Interval to 5 minutes (or your preference) and the retries to 5. Enter your Station ID and the website password for the new account. Select WeatherForYou and enter the same data. Please note that the User ID is really the Station ID as previous. Click 'Save.'
  9. Check Site(s) for Updates
    Once your data is uploading you will immediately see the updates to the Weather Underground and the PWSweather site depending how often you are refreshing.
  10. Watch your Rachio App...
    After a few days your station will show up in your app as PWS_{Station ID}.
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