How do I connect my Google Home to Rachio?

Google Home Integration



Before you start, make sure:

  1. You have downloaded the Google Home app
  2. You have linked your Google Home with your Google account
  3. For iOS ONLY, make sure you have downloaded the Google Assistant app as well as the Google Home app.

The Google Assistant allows you to interact with Google's voice control platform. Simply say "Ok Google" followed by an action (see below) to make a request. 


To setup your Rachio controller with Google Home via the Google Assistant App, follow the steps below. This will look slightly different depending on your usage of Android or iOS (Apple).

  1. Setup Google Home
    First, open the Google Home app. Next, navigate to the sidebar and select "Explore"

    Android iOS

    Android Google Home Explore

  2. From there, find the search bar at the top of the screen

    Android iOS

    Android Google Home Search

  3. Search for "Rachio" and select the Rachio app

    Android iOS

    Android Google Home Rachio

  4. You should now be on the Rachio integration. Select "Try It" or "Link"

    Android iOS

    Android Google Home Try It

  5. Login to your Rachio account with your credentials


  6. Select "Allow Access" 


  7. If you have multiple controllers, select the Rachio controller you wish to control with Google Home



    You may only link one controller at a time to your Google Home

  8. Talk to Rachio
    After your controller is linked to Google Assistant, you can control your Rachio via Google Assistant. Simply tap on the mic icon at the bottom of the screen and say "Talk to Rachio"


After Google Assistant finds Rachio, make your request by saying "Ask Rachio [ACTION]"

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Google Assistant Actions

Watering Status

  • what’s up
  • status
  • watering status
  • how is it going

Set a rain delay for one day

  • it's raining
  • that it's raining
  • it's windy
  • that it’s windy

Set a rain delay for multiple days

  • turn on rain delay, followed by prompt for # of days
  • rain delay, followed by prompt for # of days
  • delay watering, followed by prompt for # of days
  • set a rain delay, followed by prompt for # of days
  • start a rain delay, followed by prompt for # of days
  • delay, followed by prompt for # of days
  • delay watering, followed by prompt for # of days

Cancel a rain delay

  • cancel rain delay
  • turn off rain delay
  • stop rain delay
  • cancel my rain delay
  • cancel my delay
  • cancel the delay

Turn Rachio on (disable standby mode)

  • disable standby

Turn Rachio off (enable standby mode)

  • enable standby

Run a zone

  • start {zoneName}
  • start zone {zoneNumber}
  • water {zoneName}
  • water zone {zoneNumber}
  • turn on {zoneName}
  • turn on zone {zoneNumber}
  • water all zones

Stop a zone

  • stop water
  • stop watering
  • stop Rachio
  • stop
  • turn the sprinklers off
  • turn off the sprinklers
  • turn water off
  • switch off the sprinklers
  • turn off the water

Run a schedule

  • start schedule {scheduleName}
  • turn on schedule {scheduleName}


For general troubleshooting...

Try powercycling the phone or device you are using and then follow the steps above. 

Is your controller not responding?

The Rachio device must be online for the Google Assistant to work. 

Need to remove your controller from Google Assistant?

From the Rachio App page, select "Unlink"

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