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    What are Personal Weather Stations? (PWS)

    "A personal weather station is a set of weather measuring instruments operated by a private individual, club, association, or even business (where obtaining and distributing weather data is not a part of the entity's business operation)." *

    Put simply, a PWS is a set of instruments that you can install on your own property, which will provide a weather feed that can be used by our weather service. This allows for more localized weather observations and forecasts, whether you choose to install one yourself or simply use one nearby.

    NOTE: Personal Weather Stations (PWS) are setup by individuals and may or may not be maintained on a regular basis.

    What are some pros & cons of using a PWS?

    The pros & cons of using a PWS:
    PRO: they can be found closer to your location/micro-climate
    CON: they may be less reliable.
    This is because...
    "... the quality and number of instruments can vary widely, and placement of the instruments — so important to obtaining accurate, meaningful, and comparable data — can also be [quite] variable." *
    By contrast, a National Weather Station (NWS):
    PRO: data is usually more consistent and reliable
    CON: stations may be further from your location/micro-climate

    How does Rachio use this weather data?

    Accurate weather data is very important. The weather data provided by your [default / preferred] weather station is used in numerous ways throughout the app:

    • Weather Intelligence Settings: If you use Rain Skip, Freeze Skip, or Climate Skip, each uses weather data to determine weather to skip or run a schedule. If the data reported from the weather station is inaccurate, the controller will make a decision that may not fit your expectations.
    • Scheduling forecast: if you're using a Flexible Daily schedule, weather data is used daily to update your schedule forecast.
    NOTE: If you see stations that are indicated with a “No recorded precip data” we do not recommend using them as they will not see rain events to skip watering schedules.

    How do I select a PWS in the Rachio App?

    In order to see personal weather stations in your area, you will have to toggle on Show Personal Weather Stations within the Rachio App (Mobile or Web). This will add PWS stations to the list of Weather Stations in your area.

    NOTE: For the most accurate weather data, it's important to select a Preferred Weather Station.
    If you do not select a "Preferred Weather Station", then the closest National Weather Station (NWS) will be used by default to provide weather data for your schedules.

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    PWS Install / Setup


    Can I integrate my own weather station?

  • Yes, you can!
  • Please be advised, however, that this can be an involved process. For a simple solution, many Rachio users find  rain sensors useful as a sort of "insurance policy" against inaccurate data from your local weather station(s).

    If you'd simply like to use data from another weather network, this is also an option! Depending on your platform (Mac / PC / Linux ), you may choose to:

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    I'm interested in a Personal Weather Station (PWS). Which ones are compatible with Aeris?

  • Many kinds of weather stations will work.
  • We have tested the Netatmo weather station in-house, and found that it integrates well with our weather service API.

    For other stations, we recommend getting a bridge, or computer software that can send data to the appropriate network (see below).

    That being said, a list of weather stations that are recommended for use with, a partner website with Aeris, can be found here.


    I have a PWS. How can I make sure that it's doing the Rachio any good?

  • There are a couple steps to take to ensure this.
  • First, make sure that you have the latest location information registered for your Rachio controller. If you had location services turned off when you first set up your Rachio, and just entered your postal code, then we don't have an accurate location. Make sure that location services are turned on for your phone, then login to your Rachio app > Device Settings > Name & Location, then select USE MY CURRENT LOCATION.

    Next, make sure that your PWS is sending its weather updates to a source that Aeris accepts. Different PWS software offers different options, but you should look for the ability to send to one of these:

    • Aeris Weather
    • HamWeather
    • (more information, visit
    • The CWOP network (more information, visit
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    Can you help me with installing my PWS, or with configuring the software for it?

  • Rachio support is always here to help our customers however we can, but...
  • Unfortunately, we can't be experts in all of the different weather stations out there. You'll probably have better luck contacting the makers of your PWS hardware and software, or filing a support request with  here.
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    Test & Troubleshoot

    * source:  wikipedia
    ** github How-To, coming soon...

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