How do I add another controller to my account?

You will need to Add a Device to your account.

Access Device List

Click on the device name at the top of the homepage to access the  Device Lookup ("Devices" menu). mobile-app-home-device-callout

Add a Device

Click the Plus (+) icon, at the top right of the Device Lookup menu. mobile-app-device-add-callout

CHANGE NOTICE: As of our 2.7 release, both the web & mobile apps will use Rachio's updated Device Lookup menu (shown just above), which allows for smoother control of multiple devices.
In older versions of the mobile app (prior to v2.7), this list will appear as a dropdown box, as seen below:

  • If you have not updated your mobile app, we recommend you do so to ensure the best experience & newest features. (see: where to download)
  • If you wish to update later, you may continue the process by clicking "Add a Device" at the bottom of the dropdown box.
Proceed to Device Activation

Select the generation of controller you have, below:

Follow the connection process(es) above, per your selected Generation.

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