Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting (Generation 2)

Your Rachio Controller doesn't want to connect to WiFi?

Lame, we know. Here are some tips to try if your Rachio controller doesn't want to connect to your WiFi network.

Check the current status of your Wi-Fi network

The Rachio LED on your controller shows the current status of WiFi connection. Use the  light code to troubleshoot if you haven't already.

Troubleshooting Steps

Be sure to enter your network password correctly — including uppercase, lowercase, and any other special characters — as the network credentials are case sensitive. Open networks (no WiFi password) are not supported.
Verify, with other devices (such as tablets or mobile phones) that your connection is good. Test by opening up a web browser and performing a Google search. If this fails, there may be a problem with your WiFi network. You should contact your Internet service provider, network administrator, or the person who set up your network for assistance.
Update the firmware for your router or modem hardware if available.
Run a WiFi Network Diagnostic test. See article: Is my WiFi Network compatible?
Previously connected? If you recently changed your WiFi password, you need to update your WiFi connection on the Rachio controller to connect again. See article: How do I update wifi on my controller? (Generation 2)

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