What does Light Four mean? (Generation 2)

Light Four = Controller Activated

[Gen2 Light Three]

This light will begin blinking until you enter the controller's serial number. The light will turn solid once your controller is activated and ready to use!

Light Four Troubleshooting

  • Assuming you enter the correct serial number and the controller does not connect, please contact Rachio support with your serial number (including the two letter prefix) and Rachio username.
  • If you're reattempting the WiFi setup process and the Light Three is solid, the controller will need to be power cycled to clear the WiFi settings on the controller.
iOS (Apple)
  • If you have attempted to connect to the controller in your phone's wifi settings, you will need to perform a factory reset on your controller (Option 2) and connect your controller through the Rachio app.
  • WiFi setup on Android requires the correct input of both your WiFi network password and controller's serial number to complete this step. If either are incorrect, the process will fail.

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