What if my controller goes offline?

Rest Assured

Most connectivity issues you might see are normal behavior; the Rachio controller's WiFi features hinge on the reliability of:

  1. your internet service provider (ISP)
  2. your in-home router and/or access point.

However, unless the device goes offline for an extended period of time, you won't experience any loss in functionality of the device. In situations of more lengthy disconnects, we send out an email notification that your device has been offline for 24 hours and needs to be reset.

On-Board Schedule Memory

If for some reason the router doesn't come back up the controller will continue to run the last schedule it saved. The controller utilizes EEPROM, persistent memory, so the last saved schedule(s) are stored on the device itself.

So, please rest assured - if your Rachio device loses connectivity with your WiFi, it will always continue to water using the last saved schedule. Any updates/changes to these watering schedules will upload to the controller the next time it reconnects with the Rachio cloud.

NOTE: If you are running Flexible schedules, the Rachio controller will not run the last saved schedule as this is dynamic. What will occur is that 24 hours after your Rachio goes offline we will initiate our "backup flex schedule." If you had your flex schedule set to run (check conditions) every day we will default to every 3 days and run on the predetermined start time that you set for this schedule. If you had specific days based on restrictions, we will continue to run on those allowed days as well as at the predetermined start time.

Battery Backup

The controller does have a battery back up, but it's not used to maintain a schedule. It is used to maintain an internal clock so that when the device comes back online, it has access to a clock immediately, before syncing with the Rachio cloud.

Total Blackout?

Should you lose power to your home, the system won't run at all because there is no way to power the solenoid valves without electrical current (24VAC). When power is restored, the Rachio controller will reconnect to your WiFi network.

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