Not seeing your controller? (Generation 2)

No Available Devices? No problem.

Sometimes the controller likes to play hide and seek. Luckily, we know all it's hiding places! Follow the steps below to lure your controller out of hiding:

Video Walkthrough

The following two minute video will walk you through steps that will help Rachio's mobile app locate your controller.


Step by Step

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on on your mobile device WiFi Setting Mobile Example
Exit the Available Devices screen and try again.
If you still don’t see your device,  force quit the Rachio app and try again.
Still seeing this screen? Time to play hard ball. Device Search Buffer Wheel Power cycle the controller; simply unplug & plug it back in. 

Keep an eye on the Rachio light in the center of the LED light ring; your controller is ready to connect to Wi-Fi once Light One is solid and Light Two is blinking. If Light Two is solid, the controller is connected to Wi-Fi. Please refer to the  light code you're seeing for additional troubleshooting.

NOTE: If Light Two is solid, please perform a factory reset of your controller. Also double check your WiFi settings and forget the device from your list of available networks.
* see article Advanced WiFi troubleshooting (Generation 2)
If none of the above work, please email Rachio Support at with your controller's serial number.

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