How do I activate my controller? (Generation 2)

Controller activation steps & tips


iOS users using OS 10.2, if you're getting stuck on a flash Light 3, please update your Rachio app to version 2.9.2. For details, please see this article

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • WiFi Setup Video
  • WiFi Setup Tips
  • WiFi Reset Steps
  • Step by Step Instructions

    Double check the lights on your controller

    Your Gen2 Rachio is ready for Wi-Fi setup when Light One is solid and Light Two is blinking.

    Connect your smartphone or tablet to WiFi

    Your mobile device needs to be connected to the network you'll be adding the controller to.

    NOTE: For best results, this network:

    • must be 2.4 ghz or dual band
    • separated bands are recommended
    • blended 2.4 / 5 ghz signals are not recommended

    We also recommend putting your phone into airplane mode or disabling Wi-Fi assist (iOS) or Smart Network Switch (Android) while connecting the controller to WiFi to avoid any interference with your data plan; see WiFi assist for details.

    Download the Rachio app

    Rachio's app is free on the Apple App store or Google Play store.

    Open the Rachio app and register for an account

    This requires name, email address, username and password.

    Add Device via Rachio App

    The Rachio app prompts you to Add a Device > tap to continue. Select the generation of controller you have (if Gen 1, please refer to this videoAdd Device / Device Select

    Find/Select your Controller

    Rachio app will attempt to find your controller. If it cannot find your controller, please refer to this  support article.
    Select your controller from the list of available devices.

    Note: If you’re installing more than one controller, you can verify the controller you’re installing by matching the available device ID with the last six digits of the MAC number. The MAC number is printed on the label found on the front of the controller.

    Add Device / Available Devices

    Select the Desired Network

    Remember the chosen network must be the same connection your mobile device is on and must be 2.4 ghz or dual band (2.4 ghz / 5 ghz). Once selected, the Rachio app will attempt to connect your controller to Wi-Fi.

    Verify Serial Number

    The Rachio app will ask you to verify the serial number of the device. It is a 7 digit number preceded by a 2 letter code. The serial number is printed on the label found on the front of the controller. Once entered, the Rachio app will attempt to activate your controller. [nufan]

    If successful, the Rachio app will display "Device Activated" and allow you to continue to setup. For setup instructions, please refer to  this video. [nufan]

    WiFi Setup Video

    Are you a visual learner? Check out this video

    WiFi Setup Tips

    Recommended tips by operating system:

    iOS (Apple)
    • Connect to the WiFi network you plan on adding the controller to (2.4 ghz optimized) and disable your cellular data before attempting WiFi setup (see Wi-Fi assist (iOS) for details).
    • Do not attempt to connect your controller via WiFi in your phone's settings. The controller has to be connected using the Rachio app.
    • Connect to the WiFi network you plan on adding the controller to (2.4 ghz optimized) and disable your cellular data before attempting WiFi setup (see Smart Network Switch (Android) for details).
    • WiFi setup on Android requires the correct input of both your WiFi network password and controller's serial number. If either are incorrect, the process will fail.
    Controller Light Codes
    • Once WiFi Setup is complete, all four lights of the Rachio logo should be lit solid. If you cannot connect, please review the light code you are seeing and attempt the troubleshooting recommended.

    WiFi Reset Steps

    If your WiFi network credentials have changed (Name/SSID and/or password), we recommend you perform a WiFi Reset and NOT a Factory Reset. A WiFi Reset will clear the controller's network settings, but not the yard or schedule settings.

    To perform a WiFi Reset, follow the steps below:

    1. Power cycle the controller; Light One should be blinking when performing step 2.
    2. Press and hold the DOWN ARROW + SELECT BUTTON (see image below for reference) simultaneously until the LED light ring is fully illuminated, then release 
    3. After the LED light ring is fully illuminated, go back into the Rachio app and access the Device Settings (Dashboard Screen), then select Update Wi-Fi Network and complete steps 6-9 from the above-listed Step by Step Instructions.

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