How we calculate water usage

The Rachio app estimates your water use. We calculate the gallons used on a zone by zone basis using the zone attributes you provide. 

Data used:

  • Nozzle: Precipitation rate of the nozzle: PR 
  • Area: Square footage of zone: SF (note: defaults to 500 sq ft unless overridden) 
  • Watering Time: Duration that the zone runs for: D 

The total number of gallons used per minute per zone is calculated using this formula: 

( (SF x PR) / 96.25 )

We then multiply this figure by the duration (D) to calculate the total number of gallons used for that particular zone during a schedule. All individual zone durations are batched and recorded as an aggregate total.

How can I fix reporting errors?

  • If you believe the reported water usage is wrong, we recommend measuring your zone's area and updating the app ( Zone > Advanced Settings > Area ).
    Here's a great online tool that will let you measure your zone areas via Google maps.
  • Conduct a catch cup test to find the true precipitation rate for each zone.
  • We can remove all watering events for the controller and effectively reset your reports back to zero by request at Be aware that we can only clear usages prior to the current days history.

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