Can I install the controller myself?

The Rachio controller is designed for DIY installation

  • for links to your model's Install Guideclick here

  • Professional installation is recommended for:

    • Outdoor installation
      • Outdoor installation requires the use of a weatherproof enclosure - sold separately. (Gen1, by 3rd partyGen2, by Rachio)
        An irrigation professional or electrical contractor will be able to assist with this installation.
    • Pump relay systems
    • Multi-unit systems
    • Commercial applications 

    We recommend the following resources:

    Search "sprinkler/irrigation", "landscaper", "lawn", "plumber", "electrician".

    Key questions to ask include:

    1. Do they or their technicians carry smartphones? (required for installation of our product) & experience with ET technology. 
    2. Cost? Flat fee or hourly? Do they accept credit cards on their website for payment?

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